Manifesto for the Abolition of International Apartheid: the Logos

A logo is a sign that allows to quickly recognize and spread an idea. If you have a Web page, put one of the logos of the Manifesto on it, with a link to this site.

We propose the following versions of the Maia logo. Use them following your needs. The version with text around them exist in other languages; to find them, go first to the international home page.

To make a link with a logo, you must first copy the logo you wish to use. On a Macintosh with Netscape, you just have to click and drag the image towards the desktop or a folder. In your HTML page, you can use for example the following code:

<a href=""><img src="logo_maai_090.gif" width="90" height="90" alt="Manifesto for the Abolition of International Apartheid"></a>

160 x 160 90 x 90 65 x 65 50 x 50